My philosophy about psychotherapy focuses on understanding the client’s total experience in the present moment, since that is the best place for mediating solutions.  We focus on your immediate goals, and your expertise with your own life and problems. We will discover your personal resources.

We then integrate these strengths and resources with the powerful techniques from the therapy approaches described on this website. They can be applied in innovative ways to resolve issues, solve problems, and develop new ways for you to lead your life.

It is very satisfying to me to work collaboratively; i.e., to work as a team. I have great respect for, and am often in awe of, the inherent wisdom of my clients.

In my practice, I focus on anxiety, depression and the management of physical pain. I also work with communication issues, relationship problems, sleep and stress problems, self-esteem issues and grief for any species. My clients include older adolescents, adults, and seniors.

Training and Experience

I received my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Clinical Psychology from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. I received my Doctorate Degree from California School of Professional Psychology in San Francisco in 1972. My initial training in clinical hypnosis was with Kay Thompson, DDS, a pioneer in her field. I have studied clinical hypnosis with Michael Yapko, Ph.D., internationally renowned in his field. David Burns, M.D., also internationally renowned in his field, has been my primary teacher in his special version of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, called T.E.A.M. I am certified as a Level 2 TEAM Cognitive Behavioral Therapist.

I continue to develop my skills by studying new approaches and deepening the ones I have.

Since receiving my doctorate degree, I have worked in community mental health centers in California and Pennsylvania as psychotherapist and as supervisor of psychotherapists, and in private practice. I have taught at the Community College in Pittsburgh, PA., and in the School of Social Work at West Virginia University. I have co-lead classes in pain management for senior citizens in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.