Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a client?

Call me at 510-878-0254.

I will answer your questions, and address your concerns.

If we set an appointment, I will forward to you the necessary contractual and informational forms that you fill out and bring to our first meeting. Filling out the forms in advance will save us valuable time in the first session.

What will my first appointment be like?

The first meeting is an information-gathering meeting. I review and clarify the forms you have completed, and will ask questions that pertain to the issues you want to resolve. Even though this process may seem like paperwork, it is an important part of therapy.

When will I start to feel better or be more effective?

That varies. This is a collaborative process, and depending on the problems and issues, you may meet your goals in two or three sessions.  Others need two or three months. Some problems have complications, or problems within problems. Highly complex issues sometimes require more extensive therapy.

The tools provided in this therapy approach can be generalized to other problems. You may not have to work on each and every problem in the therapy process. Instead, you can apply the tools that have already worked to the remaining and future problems.

Some clients complete their work, leave the therapy alliance and return at a later date to refine their work (in one or two sessions), or to check in to see how they are doing, or to address a different problem that calls for different tools.

Will I relapse?

Given that life presents us with new challenges on practically a daily basis, some relapse is common.

However, relapse management is built into this therapy approach. Before you leave the therapeutic relationship, you will be prepared to manage relapse, if and when it occurs.

May I return to therapy in the future?

Absolutely. As I mentioned above, when new problems arrive that require different tools, or you feel the need to check in, you can always call and schedule a session.